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Every two weeks we’ll speak with game-changing experts to bring you the latest on the fast-changing energy landscape, innovative technologies, eco-conscious efforts, and more. Join Hydro Ottawa’s Dan Séguin and Rebecca Schwartz as they demystify and dive deep into some of the most prominent topics in the energy industry.

Latest Episode:

Aug 1, 2022

Summer Recharge: The Birds and the Bees About Pollinator Meadows

Without pollinators like bees and butterflies, our food supply suffers drastically. It’s incredible to think these small insects play such a large role in our existence. With climate change, increased pesticide use, and other limiting factors, pollinator… Read More

Your Hosts:

Dan Séguin

Never afraid to jump in the ring, Dan Séguin enjoys a good challenge. Known as a high-energy, feisty, results-driven leader, Dan is a creative thinker and compelling influencer with over 37 years of professional experience. As the Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Dan leads the development and implementation of all strategies and programs to engage and inform Hydro Ottawa’s key audiences. Dan is passionate about emerging online and social trends, as well as investigating what the energy industry could look like in the future.

Rebecca Schwartz

Rebecca Schwartz has a love for storytelling and bringing information together in a cohesive way. Her proven track record in community initiatives and content strategy demonstrates Rebecca’s ability to take on new challenges and her dedication to continue learning every day. As the Content and Communications lead for all of Hydro Ottawa’s social channels, Rebecca is always keeping up with current events to create consumable, friendly content for audiences of all kinds.

Recent Episodes:

May 9, 2022

KRP and Future-Proofing Commercial Buildings

Did you know buildings as a whole make up for 40% of global energy consumption? When you consider the majority of commercial buildings are more than 30 years old, it’s clear energy-efficient retrofits and upgrades are needed… Read More

Apr 25, 2022

Are Microgrids the Answer to a Cleaner Future? Part 2

In part one of our conversation about microgrids, we spoke with Charles Berndt, Manager of Grid Technology with Hydro Ottawa, about how these systems can help Canada reach its net zero goals. Charles joins us again for… Read More

Apr 11, 2022

Are Microgrids the Answer to a Cleaner Future? Part 1

The term microgrid might make them sound small, but these systems could hold a big key to Canada’s low-carbon future. Microgrids are made up of energy users, distributed energy resources, and advanced controllers, all working together to… Read More

Mar 28, 2022

The Energy Sector’s Workplace and Workforce Future

According to a survey conducted by Electricity Human Resources Canada, 48% of employees believe they increased productivity when working remotely. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to see many industries adopting a hybrid model where employees… Read More

Mar 14, 2022

The QUEST for Lower Municipal Emissions

Canada becoming net zero by 2050 is a commitment made by the federal government, but there’s a lot of action needed at a community level before this can happen. Municipalities make up 50% of greenhouse gas emissions… Read More