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Every two weeks we’ll speak with game-changing experts to bring you the latest on the fast-changing energy landscape, innovative technologies, eco-conscious efforts, and more. Join Hydro Ottawa’s Trevor Freeman as he demystifies and dives deep into some of the most prominent topics in the energy industry.

Latest Episode:

Jul 8, 2024

Summer Rewind: Decarbonizing Ontario’s electricity grid with the IESO

Summer rewind: As demand for electricity increases, the need todiversify supply also rises. In Episode 120 of thinkenergy, LesleyGallinger, CEO of Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator(IESO), unpacks what’s driving the transformation of the province’spower system, the potential… Read More

Your Host:

Trevor Freeman

Trevor is the Supervisor of Hydro Ottawa’s Key Accounts team, which supports the National Capital’s largest electricity customers. In this role, he and his team help connect these customers to the wide array of expertise and services that Hydro Ottawa has when it comes to energy. He regularly supports customers on their energy and decarbonization journeys, while also supporting advocacy and regulatory efforts to help the energy industry evolve with the changing energy landscape. Trevor is a licensed Professional Engineer, who is passionate about working toward solutions to climate change, and has spent his career helping building owners improve their buildings. Prior to joining Hydro Ottawa, he was a sustainability consultant.

Recent Episodes:

Jun 24, 2024

Current affairs with Francis Bradley, Electricity Canada’s President and CEO

Electricity Canada’s President and CEO, Francis Bradley, joins thinkenergy in episode 140. Hear about the shift to sustainable electricity, including the difficulties navigating provincial and federal policies, climate change directives, and funding gaps. Plus how Electricity Canada… Read More

Jun 10, 2024

Energy Policy Deep Dive with Nicholas Rivers (Part 2)

Get to the bottom of how policy is ushering along the energy transition. In part two of the series, Associate Professor Nicholas Rivers shares how energy policies are helping shape the actions taken to address climate change.… Read More

May 27, 2024

Energy Policy Deep Dive with Nicholas Rivers (Part 1)

In this first of a two-part series, we unpack the vital role of policy in driving the energy transition with Nicholas Rivers, Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and the Institute of… Read More

May 13, 2024

Heat Pump Check In with Shawn Carr

Heat pumps are proving as one method to combat climate change and decarbonize Canada—because they can operate at 300% efficiency (or greater!), while a standard furnace runs between 93–94%. In this episode of thinkenergy, Hydro Ottawa’s Shawn… Read More

Apr 29, 2024

Modernizing the electricity grid with the Advanced Distribution Management System

If electrification is the future of energy, the grid must become more efficient and more reliable. All across Canada, from province to province to right here at home in Ottawa. Jenna Gillis, Manager of Distribution System Integration… Read More